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“We changed the rules. Instead of getting the work done that the sales rep or the developer was most excited about, now it’s the most valuable work that gets done first. ”

– Cameron Wolff, VHT Vice President of Product Development

Agile case study: Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Transforms Customer Experience and Itself

Located on a 10,000 square foot boat on the Cleveland waterfront, our team exemplifies how Agile values & principles are practiced.

Come float, deliver, and learn with us, and leverage our expertise to help you change your company culture.

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Bill Euller
Bill Holmes
Carl Shotwell
Dan Parks
Declan Whelan
Denise Leeson
Diane Weaver
Doug Morgan
Eric Hankinson
Erik Peterson
Gary Johnson
Glenn Johnson
Gregg Bobinski
Iggy Stahl
Jacob Coulter
Jeff Morgan
Jim Gorjup
Joel Byler
John Miller
Jon Stahl
Joseph Leddy
Kyle Mckee
Lisa Schindler
Matt Beyer
Matt Odonnell
Matt Volosin
Michael Jebber
Michael Lemley
Nadia Gordon
Nathan Wallace
Nick Barendt
Nicole Capuana
Otis Stahl
Patrick Kelly
Paul Clewell
Randy Beiter
Randy Eppinger
Sahithya Wintrich
Sandi Keller
Steve Jackson
Tim Conner
Tricia Moore
Will Kesling

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